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Burger King Delights Fans As New Summer Menu Announced – Including Frozen Drinks

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Burger King has added two new burgers, new loaded fries, and two cooling drinks to its UK summer 2024 menu, however some fans aren’t impressed with the price.

Burger King fans can now try the new summer menu items in UK stores (stock image) (Image: Getty)

Fans of Burger King are thrilled as the fast food giant introduces a new range of culinary delights to its menu for summer 2024, although some customers have expressed their discontent with the price tag.

The renowned eatery, which has an impressive 526 branches scattered across the UK, has given its menu an exciting makeover by incorporating two brand new burgers, loaded fries added with piquant flavours, and a pair of soothing drinks – everything you need to beat the heat. Plus, they’ve brought back one popular summer beverage due to high customer demand.

Burger fanatics are in for a treat with the unveiling of the new “grilled to perfection” Gourmet Kings collection available at outlets. The new additions to the Burger King family include the Bacon Caesar Angus burger and the Bacon Caesar Crispy Chicken burger.

Both mouth-watering treats come clothed in fresh rocket, crispy onions, an oak-smoked cheddar slice, juicy bacon and garlic caesar mayo, delicately nestled between a toasted brioche bun. To dig into these delectable delights as part of a large meal deal, it will chip off £11.49 from your pocket. If you’re opting for just a solitary indulgence, it’s going to cost you £8.19.

UK fast food enthusiasts have also got the opportunity to savour the Bacon Caesar Loaded King Fries loaded with crunchy bacon pieces, topped off with the familiar Caesar mayo at £4.69. The thirst-quenchers come in the form of the Blue Raspberry Frozen Fanta and a Frozen Strawberry Fanta drink, both equally appealing at £2.99 each.

An official voice from Burger King sounded excited and said, “Keep cool with our new addition to the Frozen Fanta range! ” Plus, a throwback is included for citrus lovers as the lemon frozen Fanta resumes its place in the menu for just £2.99.

After the foodie social media page New Foods UK posted pictures of the new items on Instagram, Burger King enthusiasts were quick to voice their opinions. One fan exclaimed: “Fantas look good.”

Another simply wrote: “Wow.” Omg blue raspberry,” chimed in another.

“Frozen Fanta omg,” echoed another comment.

One more added: “I’m gonna check my burger king, to see if we have all that cool stuff! “.

However, some couldn’t overlook the prices. “I know Burger King has always been on the expensive side, but that’s taking liberties,” one person remarked.

“£11.49 for a large meal is crazy,” another pointed out. Another added: “£11.50 for a Burger King meal now. What on earth.”

The new Burger King products are now available for purchase in stores and online.

Will you be trying the new menu items? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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