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The Pretty UK Seaside Town Named The Best Place To Visit For Dog Owners

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This stunning town boasts 35 dog-friendly pubs, 57 shops, and 35 cafes and restaurants

Eastbourne beach is perfect for dog walking (Image: Getty)

Eastbourne in Sussex topped a table of the best places for dog owners to visit with their four-legged friends after research by the Hunting Terrain analysed the availability of dog-friendly amenities in each location, such as pubs, cafes, shops, and hotels.

The highest-ranking town was the one with the most dog-friendly location, with Eastbourne having 35 dog-friendly pubs, 57 shops, and 35 cafes and restaurants.

Eastbourne is also packed with mutt-friendly beaches and parks, as well as hotels and Airbnb stays.

The second best holiday destination for dog owners was Brighton, another seaside resort with over 60 dog-friendly hotels on, followed by Blackpool which was found to have five dog-friendly beaches and more than 40 hotels and B&Bs.

Eastbourne has been named as the best place to visit for dog owners (Image: Getty)

Other destinations that made up the rest of the top 10 were Bournemouth, which was praised for its many dog-friendly beaches, Portsmouth, which was said to have plenty of dog-friendly attractions, and Norwich.

On the other side of the scale, the worst area to visit with dogs was found to be Wolverhampton, which has almost no dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, or hotels advertised.

Just behind it in the ranking of the worst places to visit with dogs was St Helen’s which only has one pub listed as being dog-friendly.

Dudley was found to be the third least dog-friendly place in the UK, thanks to a lack of amenities welcoming mutts, but there are still three hotels listed as being pet-friendly.

For those looking for a beach day out with their dog, Par Sands in St Austell, Cornwall, was named the UK’s best beach for pooches being dog-friendly all year round and even having a small pool for paddling.

Edinburgh to Kirkwall has been named the UK’s most dog-friendly road trip in the UK, with 336 dog-friendly Airbnbs, 90 vets and 72 dog-friendly restaurants along the route.

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Top 10 destinations for dog-owners

  1. Eastbourne
  2. Brighton
  3. Blackpool
  4. Bournemouth
  5. Portsmouth
  6. Lincoln
  7. Norwich
  8. York
  9. Worcester
  10. Plymouth

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